As part of the campaign, we first built interest in the topic of foster care among the target group, and then we reached out to them and showed them that they too can become foster parents.

In the concept, we worked with what the target group likes - family-based TV series have occupied TV screens for decades and everyone loves them.

The campaign worked on the basis of a marketing funnel. By communicating about the fictional sitcom, we reached a mass of people from which we extracted representatives of the target groups that were really important to us. We continued to work with them through PR and precisely targeted digital communications. The stories of the foster families played an indispensable role, with the help of which we were able to reach the target group emotionally.

In this way, we both spread awareness about fostering and broke down myths that circulate around it, and managed to collect contacts for new people interested in fostering.

Tools and activities

With the start of the campaign, public spaces in Prague were filled with advertising rolling boards with visuals promoting the fictional series and its protagonists Marek Němec, Jana Strykova, Honza Dědek and Lucie Benešová. Through ATL and Facebook advertising and appearances in lifestyle media, including trailers on TV Prima, we managed to convince the public that the plans for the sitcom were real.

It wasn't until the online press conference for the Fosters project that we showed its true face and the intention of the campaign. We combined the unveiling with the presentation of our own research on the Czechs' attitudes towards fostering. The integrated campaign was complemented by a Facebook page and a microsite with the most important information for those interested in fostering.

In the next phase of the project, we used the results of the survey and stories of foster families in the communication. We worked with these through PR, Facebook posts, innovative native advertising formats and holographic panels. In this way, we were able to convert the interest in foster care generated in the first part of the project into getting specific new people interested in fostering.


The successful campaign resulted, among other things, in 58 media appearances with a reach of over 8 million people. We reached 304,255 people on social media and recorded 13,298 engagements. But most importantly, we gained 194 potential foster care leads for Prague 1.

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