Within Konektor Place, we have been working on the topic of trust in marketing for two years and the Manifesto was the culmination of this work. It was important for us to communicate not only the interesting findings we had gained from interviews with luminaries such as Daniel Ariely, Rachel Botsman, Kent Grayson and others, but also to present our skills at the highest possible level = to strengthen the trust of existing clients and gain the trust of new clients. So the manifesto is divided thematically into several parts, after the general introduction comes the themed interviews, the survey analysis (deliberately inserted in the very middle) and then the psalms - evidence of our successes and the importance of working with trust.

Tools and activities

A strong visual form was a goal from the start, as our work can sometimes slip into routine. We wanted to show that our domain is not only interesting work with content, but also with its form and break. That's why we teamed up with Milan Nedved, with whom we worked intensively on the details. The paper, the cover, the perforation, the break. The result is a magazine between the Watchtower and the Bible from the bedside table. Manifesto communicates the individual information in the form of magazine interviews or articles, however, it complements them with computer collages in the style of art paintings, and this is substantially underlined, highlighted and supplemented in the form of personal notes that we wrote into Manifesto on behalf of the reader himself.


The content was created internally and the cost was the break and the printing itself. It was partly a summary of our interviews that appeared on Médiář.cz, partly a summary of interesting campaigns and our experiences. A small but significant part of the magazine was the interpretation of our Trust Survey data, which was produced as part of a previous communication and conference on Trust. The Manifesto served as an interesting source of information and inspiration in the age of Fake News and was handed out in person or as a PFKo in special Christmas packaging. The publication gained traction on social media, but also among our clients who started to target us with print media production, which was one of the main goals for agencies associated mainly with PR and social. The result is an attractive and unpredictable portfolio like the world has never seen before.

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